FORD-USA E4FZ-6731-A - Alternative oil filters

Replacement oil filters for FORD-USA E4FZ-6731-A:

Brand Model
AC-Delco PF 56
AC-Delco PFL400A
Champion Laboratories PH253
Champion Laboratories PH400
Champion Laboratories PH8A
Ford 11-4245472
Ford 11436 936
Ford 11464 497
Ford 11525 802
Ford 1614 735
Ford 1794 446
Ford 1829 195
Ford 2724E-6714-C
Ford 5000 513
Ford 5016 960
Ford 542957
Ford 9613330
Ford ESE1ZE-6714-AA
Ford USA 2702E-4601-A
Ford USA 2724E-6714-C
Ford USA 59LK-6714-A
Ford USA B7A-6714-A
Ford USA B7A-6731-A
Ford USA B7A-6731-B
Ford USA B8A-6731-A
Ford USA B9AE-6714-A2
Ford USA B9AE-6714-A6
Ford USA B9AE-6714-B
Ford USA B9LE-6714-A
Ford USA C1AZ-6731-A
Ford USA C1AZ-6731-AP
Ford USA C3NN-6714-A
Ford USA C4AZ-6731-A
Ford USA C7NN-6714-A
Ford USA CC1A-2671-A
Ford USA CCOZ-6714-AG
Ford USA CD1RY-6731-A
Ford USA CD4ZZ-6731-B
Ford USA CD5ZZ-6731-A
Ford USA CD5ZZ-6731-C
Ford USA CD8PJ-6714-AA
Ford USA CD8PZ-6731-A
Ford USA COAE-6714-A
Ford USA COAE-6731-A
Ford USA COLE-6714-A
Ford USA D0NN-6714-B
Ford USA D8NN-6714-GA
Ford USA D9AE-6714-AA
Ford USA D9AZ-6731-A
Ford USA E1FZ-6731-A
Ford USA E2AE-6714B1-A
Ford USA E3ZE-6714-CA
Ford USA E3ZE-6714-DA
Ford USA E4 FZ 6731 AB
Ford USA E7NN-6714-AA
Ford USA E8NN-6714-CA
Ford USA E9AE-6714-B
Ford USA E9NN-6714-AA
Ford USA ECG-6714-A
Ford USA ECZ-6714-C
Ford USA EDC-6714-A
Ford USA EDG-6714-A
Ford USA EDG-6714-C
Ford USA F5RZ-6731-B
Ford USA JLG 7022147
Ford USA MHK-6714-A
Ford USA SBA-140516180
Fram PH16
Fram PH3600
Fram PH8A
General Motors GM 25012648
General Motors GM 25162815
General Motors GM 5574382
General Motors GM 5574459
General Motors GM 5575840
General Motors GM 5577618
General Motors GM 5579164
General Motors GM 6435675
General Motors GM 6438121
General Motors GM 6439119
General Motors GM 7961367
General Motors GM 7965051
General Motors GM 9002514
John Deere AM 31 205
John Deere AM 37 025
John Deere AM 39 653
John Deere AM-35176
John Deere MG-508129
John Deere TY 9425
John Deere TY-15079
Komatsu TJ-15601-96001
Kubota 15402-32430
Kubota 15831-32430
Kubota 70000-14644
Kubota 70000-14672
Kubota 70000-14689
Kubota 70000-32090
Kubota 70000-32901
Magneti Marelli 1AMFL00001
Mann Filter ML 1001
Mann Filter ML 1004
Mann Filter ML 1005
Mazda Z ZL0-14302
Mazda Z ZM1-23802 A
Mazda ZZM1-23-802
Nissan 12019-021-200
Purolator L14670
Purolator L20195
Purolator L20195S
Purolator L30001
Toyota 00120-00001
Toyota 00120-00005
Toyota 00120-00007
Toyota 04152-64010
Toyota 15600-25010
Toyota 15600-40010
Toyota 15600-41010
Toyota 15600-44010
Toyota 15600-50010
Toyota 15600-61030
Toyota 15601-25010
Toyota 15601-41010
Toyota 15601-44010-83
Toyota 15601-44011
Toyota 15601-78001-71
Toyota 15601-78101-71
Volvo Trucks/VCE/VME/PENTA 110200
Volvo Trucks/VCE/VME/PENTA 1266286
Volvo Trucks/VCE/VME/PENTA 1266286-2
Volvo Trucks/VCE/VME/PENTA 266286
Volvo Trucks/VCE/VME/PENTA 418432
Volvo Trucks/VCE/VME/PENTA 418432-1
Volvo Trucks/VCE/VME/PENTA 418719
Volvo Trucks/VCE/VME/PENTA 419719
Volvo Trucks/VCE/VME/PENTA 430143
Volvo Trucks/VCE/VME/PENTA 430143-8
Volvo Trucks/VCE/VME/PENTA 679658-5
Volvo Trucks/VCE/VME/PENTA 807180
Volvo Trucks/VCE/VME/PENTA 835 779
Volvo Trucks/VCE/VME/PENTA 835779-0
Volvo Trucks/VCE/VME/PENTA 897321
Wix 51085
Wix 51515
Wix 51516

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WarningThe Oil Filter Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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