HONDA 15400-PJ7-015 - Alternative oil filters

Replacement oil filters for HONDA 15400-PJ7-015:

Brand Model
AC-Delco PF1127
AC-Delco PF1230
AC-Delco PF2135
AC-Delco PF57
ARCTIC CAT 3201-044
ARCTIC CAT 3201-451
Baldwin B1400
Baldwin B7285
Bosch 0986AF1039
Bosch OZ039
Champion Laboratories PH2802
Champion Laboratories PH2808
Champion Laboratories PH2867
Champion Laboratories PH2876
Champion Laboratories PH2903
Champion Laboratories PH7015
Champion Laboratories PH7028
DENSO 115010-5390
Donaldson P502067
EMGO 10-26920
EMGO 10-82230
EMGO 10-82251
Fleetguard LF3925
Ford FS07-14302-B
Ford KL07-14302-A
Ford USA E7GE-6731-A
Ford USA E7GZ-6731-A
Ford USA E8BZ-6731-A
Ford USA E9GZ-6731-B
Ford USA F12Z-6731-B
Ford USA F32Z-6731-A
Ford USA XF5Z-6731-AA
Fram PH3593
Fram PH3593A
Fram PH6017A
Fram PH6607
Fram PH6811
Fram PH7317
Fram PH9688
General Motors GM 12337532
General Motors GM 12582255
General Motors GM 25013451
General Motors GM 93156998
General Motors GM 9414941
General Motors GM 94149418
General Motors GM B6M6-14-302
General Motors GM E9GZ-6731-A
Honda 15400-611-003
Honda 15400-679-023
Honda 15400-P0H-305
Honda 15400-P0H-305PE
Honda 15400-PC6-003
Honda 15400-PC6-004
Honda 15400-PCX-004
Honda 15400-PFB-004
Honda 15400-PFB-007
Honda 15400-PFB-014
Honda 15400-PH1-003
Honda 15400-PJ7-005
Honda 15400-PJ7-015
Honda 15400-PLC-003
Honda 15400-PLC-004
Honda 15400-PLM-A01
Honda 15400-PLM-A01PE
Honda 15400-PLMA02
Honda 15400-PM3-405
Honda 15400-POH-305
Honda 15400-POH-305PE
Honda 15400-PR3-003
Honda 15400-PR3-004
Honda 15400-PR3-014
Honda 15400-PR3-406
Honda 15400-PT7-005
Honda 15400-PT7-006
Honda 15400-ZJI-004
Honda 15400-ZW4-003
Honda 15410-MCJ-000
Honda 15410-MCJ-003
Honda 15410-MCJ-505
Honda 15410-MFJ-D01
Honda 15410-MM5-013
Honda 15410-MM9-003
Honda 15410-MM9-013
Honda 15410-MM9-405
Honda 15410-MT7-003
Hyundai 26300-02500
Hyundai 26300-21010
Hyundai 26300-21100
Hyundai 26300-21A00
Hyundai 26300-2Y500
Hyundai 26300-35004
Hyundai 26300-35014
Hyundai 26300-35054
Hyundai 26300-35056
Hyundai 26300-35500
Hyundai 26300-35501
Hyundai 26300-35502
Hyundai 26300-35503
Hyundai 26300-35A00
Isuzu 2-94456-641-0
Isuzu 5-86202-200-0
Isuzu 8-93156-750-0
Isuzu 8-93156-998-0
Isuzu 8-94149-418-0
Isuzu 8-94243-502-1
Isuzu 8-94368-727-0
Isuzu 8-94430-411-0
Isuzu 8-94430-411-1
Isuzu 8-94430-411-2
Isuzu 8-94456-741-1
Isuzu 8-94456-741-2
Isuzu 8-97140-666-0
John Deere AM 10 1378
John Deere AT-192163
John Deere M 806418
John Deere M 806419
John Deere M-801209
K & N KN-198
K & N KN-204
K & N KN-303
K & N KN-303C
KAWASAKI 16097-0002
KAWASAKI 16097-0003
KAWASAKI 16097-0004
KAWASAKI 16097-1058
KAWASAKI 16097-1061
KAWASAKI 16097-1063
KAWASAKI 16097-1064
KAWASAKI 16097-1066
KAWASAKI 16097-1067
KAWASAKI 16097-1068
KAWASAKI 16097-1070
KAWASAKI 16097-1072
Kia Motors 0 B631 14 302
Kia Motors 0 FE3R 14 302
Kia Motors 26 3000 2500
Kia Motors 26300-35501
Kia Motors 26300-35502
Kia Motors 26300-35503
Komatsu YM119660-35150
Komatsu YM129150-35150
Kubota 15241-3209-0
Kubota 15241-32099
Kubota 15241-39092
Kubota 1524132092
Kubota 1524132093
Kubota 15841-3243-0
Kubota 15841-32431
Kubota 15853-32430
Kubota 15853-99179
Kubota 2706-0456-0800
Kubota 30401-37580
Kubota 70000-15241
Kubota 70000-32050
Kubota 70000-74034
Magneti Marelli 1AMFL00003
Mann Filter ML 1002
Mann Filter ML 1008
Mann Filter ML 1014
Mann Filter W67/1
Mazda 0000-23-0370
Mazda 0222-14300
Mazda 0222-23420-A
Mazda 0259-14300
Mazda 0324-14300
Mazda 0370-23-802-91
Mazda 0370-23-8020
Mazda 0370-23-802B
Mazda 0370-23802
Mazda 0370-23803
Mazda 0778-23802
Mazda 0813-23802-A
Mazda 0813-23802-B
Mazda 0866-23802
Mazda 4899-14300
Mazda 8173-23802
Mazda 8FG1-23802
Mazda 8FG1-23802-9A
Mazda B 359-14302
Mazda B 630-14-302
Mazda B 631-14-302
Mazda B 651-14302
Mazda B 6Y0-14300
Mazda B 6Y0-14302
Mazda B 6Y1-14302
Mazda B 6Y1-14302-9A
Mazda B 6Y1-14302-A
Mazda B630-14-300
Mazda B6Y0-14-302-91
Mazda B6Y1-14-302-91
Mazda B6Y2-14-302
Mazda F 2Y0-14302-A
Mazda F EY0-14302
Mazda FEY0-14-302-91
Mazda FEY0-14-302-9C
Mazda G 6Y0 14302-A
Mazda G6Y0-14-302
Mazda J E15-14302
Mazda J EY0-14302
Mazda J EY0-14302 A
Mazda N 231-23-802-91
Mazda N 231-23802
Mazda N 350-14302
Mazda N 3Y6-14302
Mazda N3Y6-14-302-91
Mazda N3Y6-23-802
Mazda RF2A-14-302
MELROE 6671057
MERCRUISER 35-822626
MERCRUISER 35-822626Q04
MERCRUISER 35-822626Q1
MERCURY 35-8222626Q03
MERCURY G590000-G760299
MERCURY G760300-1B226999
MERCURY P086824-P325499
Mitsubishi 30A40-00100
Mitsubishi 30A40-00100A
Mitsubishi 30A40-00103
Mitsubishi 30A40-00201
Mitsubishi AW 343979
Mitsubishi D 001450
Mitsubishi D001445
Mitsubishi K 9665400
Mitsubishi K0466201-0
Mitsubishi MB134953
Mitsubishi MD 017440
Mitsubishi MD 097003
Mitsubishi MD 135 737
Mitsubishi MD 136790
Mitsubishi MD 325714
Mitsubishi MD 352626
Mitsubishi MD 352627
Mitsubishi MD 356000
Mitsubishi MD 360935
Mitsubishi MD134953
Mitsubishi MD321589
Mitsubishi MD332687
Mitsubishi MD409365
Mitsubishi MM 409365
Mitsubishi MZ 690072
Mitsubishi MZ 690116
NAPA 1358
NAPA 1365
Nissan 15208-31U00
Nissan 15208-31U01
Nissan 15208-3J400
Nissan 15208-65F00
Nissan 15208-65F01
Nissan 15208-65F0C
Nissan 15208-7B000
Nissan 15208-9E000
Nissan 15208-9F600
Nissan 3R0076150M
Parts Master 61358
POLARIS 2520799
POLARIS 2540086
POLARIS 3084963
POLARIS 3089996
Purolator L14459
Purolator L14610
Purolator L14612
Purolator L14620
Purolator L14622
Purolator ML16817
Purolator ML16819
ROBIN 2576730111
SIERRA 18-7902
SIERRA 18-7909
SIERRA 18-7910
SIERRA 18-7911
SIERRA 18-7911-1
SIERRA 18-7913
STP PH7028
Subaru 15208-AA030
Subaru 15208-AA031
Subaru 15208-AA080
Subaru 15208-AA09A
Subaru 15208-AA100
Subaru 15208-KA010
Subaru 42033-5410
Subaru 42033-5500
Subaru AT3593A
Subaru SOA 516 5108
Subaru SOA 516 5109
Suzuki 16097-1072
TOHATSU (Marine) 3R0076150M
Wix 51064
Wix 51334
Wix 51356
Wix 51358
Wix 51365
Wix WL7200
YAMAHA 3FV-13440-00
YAMAHA 3FV-13440-00-00
YAMAHA 3FV-13440-10-00
YAMAHA 5DM-13440-00
YAMAHA 5GH-13440-00
YAMAHA 5GH-13440-00-00
YAMAHA 5GH-13440-10-00
YAMAHA 5GH-13440-20-00
YAMAHA 5GH-13440-50-00
YANMAR 124450-35100

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The Oil Filter Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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