DAIHATSU 15601-33020 - Alternative oil filters

Replacement oil filters for DAIHATSU 15601-33020:

Brand Model
AC-Delco PF 1164
AC-Delco PF1232
Champion Laboratories PH2827
Ford USA 2735E-6714-B
Ford USA 691M-6714-A
Ford USA D0RY-6731-A
Ford USA D1PJ-6714-A
Ford USA D1PZ-6731-A
Ford USA D1PZ-6731-ADP
Ford USA E1PJ-6714-BA
Ford USA F3XA-6731-AA
Ford USA F3XY-6731-A
Fram PH2825
Fram PH3682
Fram PH4746
General Motors GM 12339994
General Motors GM 6437982
General Motors GM 6437983
General Motors GM 94445272
Isuzu 13201
Isuzu 13202
Isuzu 13240-017
Isuzu 13240-093
Isuzu 132400-930
Isuzu 5-13240-017-0
Isuzu 5-13240-093-0
Isuzu 8-94022-620-0
Komatsu 15208-H8911
Komatsu 37Z-020-F201
Komatsu 37Z-020-F201L
Kubota 15213-32431
Kubota 15213-32431-1
Kubota 66021-3606-0
Kubota 66021-36061
Kubota 70000-3243-1
Magneti Marelli 1AMFL00015
Mann Filter ML 1012
Mann Filter ML 1024
Mann Filter W818/81
Nissan 13210-13211
Nissan 13212-13213
Nissan 15208-01B15
Nissan 15208-55Y00
Nissan 15208-60U00
Nissan 15208-71J00
Nissan 15208-G3100
Nissan 15208-H1010
Nissan 15208-H1011
Nissan 15208-H8901
Nissan 15208-H8903
Nissan 15208-H8905
Nissan 15208-H8909
Nissan 15208-H8910
Nissan 15208-H8911
Nissan 15208-H8911-B
Nissan 15208-H8912
Nissan 15208-H8916
Nissan 15208-H8917
Nissan 15208-H8993
Nissan 15208-H8994
Nissan 15208-N8912
Nissan 15208-T54SO
Nissan A-0036
Nissan A5208-H8903
Purolator L20064
Purolator L24457
Subaru 15208-AA000
Subaru 15208-AA001
Subaru 15208-AAU00
Subaru 42033-7100
Subaru 42033-7110
Subaru 88084-4110
Subaru 88087-4100
Subaru 88087-4110
Subaru SAC 337 110
Subaru SOA 280 000
Subaru SOA 516 5100
Toyota 15600-33020
Toyota 15601-22010
Toyota 15601-33010
Toyota 15601-33021
Toyota 15801-22010
Wix 51345
Wix 51361

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The Oil Filter Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.
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